Fortune Data Centers builds lowest latency data center in Asia

Fortune Data Centers announced it is
building the first wholesale data center in Oregon located at the
nexus of the termination points for three trans-Pacific cables.

“There are three major trans-Pacific
cables terminating in Hillsboro including Tata, Verizon and Alaska
Communications. This is a great benefit to those businesses operating
in Hillsboro that need low latency connectivity to Asia,”
said Sarah Garrison, economic development manager, City of Hillsboro.

Fortune’s data center is within one-half
mile of these termination points.

Latency, a measure of time delay, when
calculated from the San Francisco Bay Area to Asia is
currently 100-105 milliseconds round-trip (msRT). Latencies from
Fortune’s Hillsboro, Oregon site are 84-87 msRT.

“Because coastal construction
regulations in Oregon are much more flexible than those
in California, three of the four main cables delivering Asian Internet
traffic to/from the Bay Area first land on the Oregon coast and then
terminate in Hillsboro,” said Matt Mochary, CEO of Fortune
Development Group.

In addition to offering the lowest latency
to Asia, Fortune’s facility is one of the most energy efficient
multi-tenant data centers, with expected annual average power usage
effectiveness (PUE) of 1.2, without mixing outside air into the data room.

Fortune’s Hillsboro Oregon data
center has no raised floor because cool air is provided from an overhead
ductless plenum, similar to the specifications in Facebook’s Open Compute
Project and Fortune’s San Jose development.

Announced in October
2011, Fortune chose to build a multi-tenant data center in Oregon because
it has excellent energy and communications infrastructure as well as a
favorable tax structure for capital investment.

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