GlobalLogic develops facilities management application for Valorem Systems

Telecom Lead Team: GlobalLogic,
a provider of software R&D services, announced that Kevah Works, a mobile
application service it developed for Valorem Systems in Australia, has received
the 2011 InClean Award for Innovative IT Technology in Australia.

Works, designed from the ground up for facilities services such as cleaning,
maintenance, and landscaping, is a result of eight years of R&D by Valorem
Systems, in tandem with application development services by GlobalLogic. 

a solution for quality assurance, site inspections and audits, periodical
inspections, work orders and extra work, the application allows secure levels
of access and reporting for staff and clients across the worksite.

Systems will market Kevah Works to Indian facilities management companies in

GlobalLogic, we help our clients bring their ideas to life through end-to-end
product development. Kevah Works is a great example of that practice. Our
partnership with Valorem Systems enables us to help deliver innovative
technology that will enhance the experience of building service providers. With
technology-specific expertise that our consumer team brings to product
development, GlobalLogic will continue to help Valorem deliver the kinds of
effective solutions for which it has come to be known,” said Sunil K
Singh, Managing Director, GlobalLogic.

Kevah Works mobile application is supported on Android, Apple iOS, Windows and
Blackberry devices. It uses technology called rho mobile to reduce maintenance
costs enabling one version of the code base to work on all different devices.

the logical features like filling forms, periodical inspections and data
collection are supported in both the desktop and mobile versions. Users can
create and edit jobs, inspection forms, work orders and extra-works, and also
fill in inspection and feedback forms when on the move.  Those changes can
later be synched to the server. The development for Kevah Mobility is nearly
complete and will be released shortly.


is a part of the extended Valorem team, and they deserve the recognition for
winning the InClean award as much as we do. Kevah Works was developed after
seven years of industry feedback and R&D by our team, all of which the
GlobalLogic team evaluated in developing the product for us. Our aim was to
create a simple web-based solution that is platform-agnostic and cost-effective
and addresses all our customers’ needs,” said Jon Tinberg, managing director,
Valorem Systems Australia.

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