Google Begins Imagery Collection for Google Maps in Bengaluru

Google has announced that it will begin imagery collection in Bengaluru for the Street View feature in Google Maps. Google cars and trikes will today begin driving and
taking street level photographs of public locations around the city. The images
will be made available at a later date in Street View on Google Maps.

Street View is a popular feature of Google Maps, already available in more than 27

countries. It allows users to virtually explore and navigate a neighborhood
through panoramic street-level images. It is also available on Google Maps for

In addition to the cars, the Google Trike – a specially designed three-wheel pedi-cab with a camera system mounted on top – will start gathering images from select locations in the areasuch as the Nrityagram Dance Village over the next few weeks. The Trike has already collected imagery from many famed places around the world, including Stonehenge in the United Kingdom, Pompei in Italy, Legoland in California, and Versailles in France.

Vinay Goel, Product Head, Google India said, We decided to start driving in Bengaluru because it is the IT capital of

India and feel that the IT savvy users will be able to leverage the benefits of
the product to the fullest. Street View is useful for urban development
planners, law enforcement agencies, house hunters, and travelers. It lets users
check out restaurants before arriving, make travel plans and arrange meeting
points. Businesses can also benefit from the Street View technology by
embedding Google Maps directly into their site for free. Hotels can use it to
show off the convenience of their location, and restaurants can use it to raise

To safeguard privacy in Street View while enabling all users to benefit from this feature, Google has developed highly sophisticated technology that effectively blurs human faces and number plates of vehicles to render them unidentifiable. In addition, Google will be
extremely responsive to any request received from a user for the additional
blurring of any images that features them. Street View is designed to comply
with all local laws including those related to security and privacy in India.

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