Huawei Announces Scholarships

Huawei Telecommunications, a global telecom solutions provider, has announced the ‘Maitree Scholarship Program’ as part of its CSR initiatives in India. Open to Indian undergraduate and postgraduate students who have already secured admission to institutions of higher education in China, the Maitree Scholarships aim to build a platform for the exchange of ideas between the two nations, and foster a closer understanding of each others’ culture and society.

The scholarship program will help promote scientific and academic aptitude and will expand the career opportunities available to Indian students. Every year 10 scholarships of up to $10,000 each will be awarded to selected students for pursuing academic courses in China. Each scholarship will cover the student’s full tuition and living expenses for the duration of his or her study in China. Both Indian and Chinese students are certain to benefit from each others’ interests, knowledge and expertise.

Huawei conducts a wide of range of CSR activities in India, including the promotion of education in rural areas through the program E-Hope, educational programs for specially-abled children, and higher education and research in the field of information technology. Huawei’s collaboration with the ICEC to offer the Maitree Scholarships is the latest of the company’s educational initiatives.

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