Huawei charts out a better way to accelerate enterprise evolution at CeBIT

Telecom Lead India: Huawei has showcased a range of ICT
solutions that address needs of different industries at CeBIT.

John Roese, senior vice president of Huawei’s North
America R&D, during his keynote address, shared the new reality for
enterprises brought about by the consumerization of IT. Compared to the
continuous innovations in the device and internet industries which have
resulted in the rapid growth and development of the consumer market, the
enterprise technology market has lagged behind in innovation, according to

Enterprises need to respond to new challenges brought
about by the consumerization of IT, and can no longer ignore new technologies
that are being introduced into the enterprise space. With the convergence of
communications, enterprise and consumer technologies, enterprise organizations
need to fully leverage innovative ICT technologies to better address challenges
and manage their business so as to enhance competitiveness.

“Huawei’s capabilities and experience in
communications technology, enterprise and consumer industries places us in a
unique position to help our enterprise customers succeed in today’s era of ICT
convergence. Based on customer-centric innovations, Huawei’s solutions help
enterprise customers accelerate the shift in the evolution and development of
ICT,” said Roese.

Huawei, along with 12 of its solution partners, will be
showcasing its ICT products and solutions at CeBIT. This includes capabilities
in cloud computing, data centers, network solutions, and unified communications
and collaboration that help enterprise organizations improve business
operations and achieve competitiveness in today’s changing ICT landscape.

Additionally, sector-specific ICT solutions will also be
showcased for industries including government and public sector, electricity,
transportation, finance, energy and large enterprises. Huawei’s container data
centre will also be situated outside the Huawei exhibition hall to showcase
mobile data center capabilities.

Huawei will conduct a series of open speeches and
technical symposiums at its booth throughout the week-long CeBIT event. These
sessions allow industry professionals to better understand how Huawei’s
customer-centric innovations can be applied to their business.

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