Huawei participates in 10G GPON interoperability event

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei
has participated in the second FSAN XG-PON1 (also known as 10G GPON)
interoperability event, achieving success in all tests.

The Research Institute of Telecommunications Transmission
(RITT) has conducted the interoperability event. Hosted by China Telecom, the
second FSAN XG-PON1 test focused on verifying correct implementations of ITU-T
XG-PON1 standards.

Huawei said the tests were used to validate the clarity and
integrity of the ITU-T recommended G.987.3, developed by ITU-T SG15 Q2, as the
transmission convergence layer specification of XG-PON1.

Seven vendors of XG-PON1 equipment and integrated circuit
devices participated the interoperability event in China.

Using detailed test case descriptions provided by FSAN, the
event enabled participating vendors to run numerous test cases alongside one
another, resulting in 33 paired test sessions conducted over a one-week period.

“As with our past interoperability test events, the
second FSAN XG-PON1 test event was very successful. Q2 and her sister standards
development organizations establish the standards that enable vendors to reach
interoperability, and we are committed to continuing our contribution towards
that goal. A further two XG-PON1 test events are scheduled for June and October
of this year, and we encourage more vendors and operators to participate in
order to benefit from the standardization of interoperability-ready XG-PON1
solutions,” said Frank Effenberger, chairman of ITU-T Q2/15.

“Having actively participated in each test of FSAN
interoperability, Huawei sees this latest test event as a major sign of the
progress of the XG-PON1 standard, and as an important component of an ongoing
series of XG-PON1 test events. This latest test event provided us with the
necessary assurance that the XG-PON1 specification is stable, and it also
proved that the XG-PON1 technology is ready for its upcoming commercial
application,” said Li Heshun, vice president of Huawei Access Product


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