Huawei ties up with Yale University to introduce Open Edge Cloud

Telecom Lead Asia: Huawei has tied up with Yale University to introduce the Open Edge Cloud, an open content delivery infrastructure using data lockers.

Huawei Booth

The Cloud project developed by the Chinese telecom equipment maker and the Yale University will address cloud applications’ challenges including heavy network traffic and a less than satisfactory service experience for users. It will also create value for both telecom carriers and cloud application developers.

Huawei that has been focusing on cloud innovation said the Open Edge Cloud integrates service modules, including storage, computing, video processing and network awareness, which are deployed over the edge of telecom carrier networks. The service modules are application programmable, enabling a flexible cloud platform by providing standard APIs and virtualized in-network resources to applications.

The Open Edge Cloud, according to Huawei, provides resources that are closer to end users, to enhance service experience, and improve network ease of use through local storage and computation. Moreover, Open Edge Cloud meets the needs of current and future cloud services and provides a key opportunity for telecom carriers to evolve into information services and cloud computing providers.

The new platform has the potential to alter the industry landscape and profoundly influence future telecom carriers and cloud applications.

Huawei said the second largest telecom equipment maker will seek cooperation with top universities and actively contribute to authoritative research communities.

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