Hurricane Electric and Internet Society Hong Kong launch IPv6 certification program

Hurricane Electric announced that it is partnering with
Internet Society Hong Kong (ISOC HK), to introduce the first IPv6 Certification
Program in Asia.

It will be conducted directly in Chinese for the Chinese
speaking markets and will be the first non-English global IPv6 certification

The Chinese-language certification programs will feature
content identical to that of Hurricane Electric’s existing English programs.
The programs are self-paced and certify level of mastery of real-world IPv6
concepts and deployment techniques.

The certification program will be rolled out initially in
Hong Kong, but will be made available eventually to Chinese speakers in other

While Asia is leading in the transition to IPv6, Hong
Kong has to address the need for certification as well. This is where ISOC HK
is taking a lead to spearhead IPv6 adoption in the local industries. By working
with Hurricane Electric to develop a Chinese-language IPv6 Certification
Program, anyone in Hong Kong can get up-to-date with the latest protocols and
be ready for the next stage of Internet development,” said Charles Mok,
chairman of ISOC HK.

The Certification Program will build on the efforts by
the Hong Kong Government to encourage IPv6 readiness. With an IPv6-compliant
infrastructure already in place, the Hong Kong Internet Registration
Corporation (HKIRC) has been offering IPv6 domain name services with a number
of ISPs in Hong Kong to provide commercial IPv6 services.

The Program will build up a pool of certified talents who
are able to overcome the IPv4 address exhaustion issue and pave the way for
widespread IPv6 adoption.

Hurricane Electric is thrilled
to work with ISOC HK to offer IPv6 certification in Chinese,” said Martin Levy,
Director of IPv6 Strategy at Hurricane Electric. This partnership will address
a significant Internet user-base that is demanding IPv6 support and guidance,
and is especially timely given the fact that last April the Asia Pacific
Network Information Center allocated its last blocks of IPv4 addresses.”

With the IPv6 certification, companies and businesses
will be able to meet the international standards and compliance for IPv6

The IPv6 protocol is designed to replace IPv4, the
Internet protocol currently in use since the late 1970s. The IPv6 program will
certify any professional to configure and validate IPv6 servers and equipment,
allowing them to benefit from IPv6 connectivity, added security and protection,
as well as greater performance.

In addition to offering the certification programs
online, ISOC HK will work with Hurricane Electric to offer multi-day IPv6
training courses at the state-of-the-art Cyberport facilities in Hong Kong.

The course curriculum was assembled by Hurricane
Electric’s IPv6 Evangelist, Owen DeLong and Sang Young, IPv6 Training Team Head
of ISOC HK.  

Hurricane Electric recently announced that it is
its IPv6 Professional Services offerings to include data center deployments,
and is recommending a swift transition to avoid unnecessary costs and gain a
competitive advantage.

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