IBM turns 100

IBM is marking the
100-year anniversary of its founding on June 16, 1911.

During its first century, IBM has
played a leading role in transforming business, science and society. The
company’s history can be seen as a succession of key milestones – from
investing in a research lab in the depths of the Great Depression, to
developing the first hard disk drive that created the data storage industry, to
working with the U.S. government to develop the Social Security System. It
continued with such big bets” as a radical new computing model, the System/360
mainframe, the invention of the UPC code, the invention of the IBM Personal
Computer that launched the PC revolution, and the recent development of Watson,
the computer that triumphed on the TV game show Jeopardy!.


Samuel J. Palmisano, chairman
of the Board, president and CEO of IBM
identified the key lesson IBM has learned over 100 years: In
order to succeed for the long term, you must manage for the long term. For
IBMers, long-term thinking means continually moving to the future,” he said.
IBM has survived and thrived for 100 years by remaining true to our core
values, while being ready to change everything else. This has allowed us to
transform technology, business and society through our first century, and we
believe it will enable us to achieve even more in our second.”


It has been an exciting journey for
IBM in India. Starting with just a small office, we have grown to become a
microcosm of the IBM Corporation with presence and leadership across all
segments. As we move ahead towards the next century, we will take forward this
legacy of innovation and growth and continue to contribute to the economy and
society in India,” said Shankar Annaswamy, managing director, IBM


One of the oldest living
IBM alumni, Luis A. Lamassonne is 105 years old and resides in Miami, Florida.
He joined IBM in 1933 and worked at the company for 38 years, rising to become
an executive in Latin America. Reflecting on IBM’s Centennial today, Lamassonne
said, “IBM has always been one of the best companies. The company is
special because of the people. I have faith that IBM will survive for many more
years, for another century.”


IBM India, as part of
the centennial celebrations, will align itself to a unique global initiative
wherein IBM employees worldwide will significantly increase their
service in their local communities. Over 50 percent of the employees will
pledge a minimum of 8 hours of voluntary service each and work with over 100
NGOs engaged in different community programs. Additionally, IBM will provide
grants worth US $ 12 million to support the Celebration of Service globally,
with a part of this grant being given in India as well.


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