IBM Unveils New Retail Solution that Makes Customer Checkout Easier, Faster and Smarter


IBM announced new Checkout solution that
allows stores to offer targeted third-party products and services to consumers
at checkout. This new solution adds future services with close to
“plug-and-play” simplicity.


IBM Smarter Checkout combines systems,
software and services into a technology platform that enables retailers to
capture and analyze valuable customer data so that stores can quickly respond
to changing customer demand and supplier market conditions.


“Smarter checkout connects the store
to shoppers by simplifying the delivery of end-to-end cross-channel offerings,
and providing a seamless shopping experience, all while keeping costs down and
managing risks,” said Steve Ladwig, general manager, IBM Retail
Store Solutions.


IBM’s new Smarter Checkout solution
provides shoppers a more personalized, interactive experience that includes
letting customers purchase specialized items such as lottery, theater and show
tickets in the checkout lane.


Powered by IBM SurePOS 700 point-of-sale
systems running the IBM 4690 operating platform, Smarter Checkout also
leverages IBM System x, Lotus Expeditor and Store Integrator to integrate a
wide variety of applications for use at the point-of-sale, on mobile devices,
and at kiosks.


According to a recent study of global
retailers, 85 percent of consumers prefer to complete their transactions
through a traditional point-of-sale station, whether they take goods home or
have items delivered.  The checkout aisle is the retailer’s last chance to
save a sale, generate extra revenue, and make a lasting impression on shoppers.


By plugging in real-time basket analytics,
a retailer can now offer real-time promotions and relevant offers while the
customer is passing through the checkout lane.


Offering an enhanced consumer shopping
experience and improved operational efficiency, Smarter Checkout enables more
seamless cross-channel integration, giving consumers access to products
available both on-line and in the store.  Consumers benefit from the
cross-promotional offers between the retailer’s store and fuel site.


IBM Smarter checkout provides seamless
links to reducing front-of-the-store losses due to cashier and operations
error, fraud and theft.


The new offering also enables third-party
services such as GTech online lottery and Zavers digital coupon capability at
the point-of-sale. Lottery tickets can be purchased at checkout and printed in
the aisle on a receipt printer.


Recently, IBM announced that Winn-Dixie Stores has selected IBM
point-of-sale and self-checkout technology to help transform customer service,
speed innovation and increase the operational efficiency of 484 Winn-Dixie
store locations, and other store formats across the Southeastern United States.



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