IDI Billing Solutions launches Web-based application for telecos

Telecom Lead America: IDI Billing Solutions (IDI) has launched its Web-based application designed to help mobile service providers empower their agent network.


IDI Billing

IDI’s OnlineAgent enables mobile carriers to provide their agents with an easy to use application that helps drive new sales and manage day-to-day tasks including activations, bill payments, equipment changes, contract renewals and more.


OnlineAgent is designed to help mobile carriers energize their agent network with sales and service capabilities that enable real-time activations and more personalized end user support.


IDI claims that fully integrated with IDI’s CostGuard B/OSS SaaS offering, the solution also helps carriers eliminate manual processes, reduce data input errors, and decrease agent calls to the carrier’s call center. As an online portal, OnlineAgent can be deployed to a new agent in minutes and is compatible with mobile and tablet devices.


“OnlineAgent is a faster and easier way for carriers to put powerful sales and customer management tools into the hands of representatives who are working to expand their presence in the market with tailored sales, service and support,” said Tim Wrona, vice president of marketing and product strategy at IDI.


“This is the first of several new web applications IDI is developing to help carriers streamline operations and create a better overall customer experience,” Wrona added.


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