Inmarsat GX partners with Gogo for aviation connectivity service

Inmarsat, a provider of global mobile satellite
communications services, has selected Gogo as its partner to launch Inmarsat’s
Global Xpress satellite service to the airline market.  

Gogo will be a service provider, distributing Global
Xpress service to the global commercial aviation market. Inmarsat has also
selected Gogo’s business aviation subsidiary, Aircell, as a distribution
partner for the business and government aviation markets.

“With Gogo onboard as a service provider, we’ve
rounded out our team to deliver Global Xpress to the commercial aviation
market, starting in 2013,” said Leo Mondale, managing director of Inmarsat GX.

Working with Inmarsat, Gogo will
begin in-flight testing of the Global Xpress aeronautical services after the
launch of the first Inmarsat-5 satellite, which is scheduled for mid-2013.
 Gogo plans to offer regional service in 2013 with services for air
transport, business aviation and government customers expected worldwide later
in 2014.

Inmarsat’s Global Xpress service will allow Gogo to
utilize the first global Ka-band solution, which is expected to bring
significantly improved performance to the global aero market in terms of
coverage, capacity and cost.  With expected transmission speeds up to 50
megabits per second, Global Xpress will power a solution that provides a
high-performing satellite experience for passengers and airlines alike.

“We believe that this is truly a game changer for
our industry in that it’s the first scalable global solution in the market.
 Inmarsat has assembled an incredible team and we are highly confident in
the execution plan we’ve put in place,” said Michael Small, Gogo’s
president and CEO. 

Gogo and its subsidiary, Aircell, will also be appointed
as a SwiftBroadband distribution partner for the aeronautical markets.

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