Intrexx enables system supplier in Germany to make SAP data mobile

By Telecom
Lead Team:
United Planet, a developer of enterprise portal software
in Europe, announced its intranet and portal suite, Intrexx has played a
pivotal role in a new sales initiative for Noelle & Nordhorn, a system
supplier in the West of Germany.


enabled Noelle & Nordhorn to create a mobile web application for its SAP
ERP system in four weeks. It provides sales staff and other field workers with
real-time access to important customer information via an iPhone when they are
out of the office or at an onsite meeting.


mobile SAP helped the sales team to be more flexible and responsive in all
interactions with new and existing customers.


In addition,
the mobile SAP helped the sales team to enhance their new business processes,
which has resulted in a growth in earnings of more than 250,000 euros in a very
short timeframe.


system supplies our field staff with precisely the data needed to work
efficiently at the customer site. With Intrexx we have created a mobile SAP
link which operates at an amazing speed and which is extremely cost-effective,”
said Panagiotis Varlangas, head of IT organization at Noelle &


The new mobile
solution provides quick access to customer contact details. It also provides
fast access to the complete range of SAP documents available for each customer.

highlighting customer feedback help the sales staff to focus more closely on
the requirements and needs of each customer.


The management
team of Noelle & Nordhorn also benefitted from a special management
overview capability of Intrexx, which allows them to track all customer-related
activity carried out by their staff.


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