iPass announces open mobile integration for Juniper Networks Junos Pulse

iPass announced the integration of iPass
Open Mobile with Juniper Networks Junos Pulse to enable enterprises to deploy a
single unified client that combines connectivity with SSL VPN for secure remote
access, application acceleration, network and application access control.

“The demand for constant connectivity
is growing and the collaboration between Juniper Networks and iPass will
deliver significant value to our shared customers,” said Rod Brewster,
vice president of business development at iPass.

The iPass Open Mobile and Junos Pulse
integration provides Microsoft Windows users ubiquitous connectivity, while
enabling IT departments to control mobility costs and compliance policies in
real time.

“Through this integration of iPass
Open Mobile and Junos Pulse, enterprise customers get the best of our
market-leading SSL VPN secure remote access, integrated application
acceleration and industry-leading network and application access control with
trusted, worldwide connectivity services, all through a simplified user
experience,” said Gajraj Singh, director of product marketing, Junos Pulse
Business Unit at Juniper Networks.

The integration of Junos Pulse with iPass
Open Mobile applications is accomplished via the Junos Pulse Connection Manager
API set. The Junos Pulse API set extends Junos Pulse as an integration platform
for select, applicable third-party applications and services. The Junos Pulse
Connection Manager APIs enable an integrated, streamlined and secure
experience, accessible through a single, easy to use client.

By Telecomlead.com Team

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