Ixia launches testing services that improve IT efficiency

Telecom Lead America: Ixia has launched professional
testing services that improve IT efficiency by enabling enterprises to
accelerate the assessment and deployment of new equipment and technologies.

Ixia’s new professional services solutions experts help
enterprise IT executives cost-effectively validate network performance,
scalability, and accessibility when rolling out new services, applications, and

Ixia’s consultants helps ensure the timely success of
enterprise initiatives such as ultra-low-latency strategies, Wi-Fi, data center
consolidation, cloud computing, virtualization, VoIP, video, e-commerce,
security, and IPv6 migration.

Proper testing ensures changes and upgrades to the IT
infrastructure satisfy key business objectives such as enhancing the quality
and availability of applications, security compliance, and industry
competitiveness — with no costly downtime or risk to the corporate brand.

Ixia’s Professional Services Testing as a Service (TaaS)
suite was developed using enterprise-focused, market-based criteria to help
business unit leaders ensure network performance.

Ixia testing services includes simulating real-world
conditions, stressing networks and devices, and working with enterprise IT
architects to optimize, scalability, security, reliability, and compliance
across LANs, WANs, WLANs, and Web- or cloud-based services.

“Across all industries, the performance of corporate
network is integral to doing business, satisfying customer needs, avoiding
liability and enhancing the company brand,” said Michael Morris, senior
director of global services at Ixia.

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