JDSU Introduces T-BERD/MTS 5800

JDSU launched the latest generation of its T-BERD/MTS tester line, the JDSU T-BERD/MTS 5800. The product’s combination of a highly integrated all-in-one design with ease-of-use enables significant capex and opex savings for service providers by allowing a single technician to perform multiple functions in one truck-roll with one instrument.

With advanced features, functions and benefits that empower service providers to effectively deploy and manage critical new-generation technologies such as mobile backhaul, the T-BERD/MTS 5800 helps enable the future of quality high-bandwidth, high-capacity network services such as mobile video.

Among the T-BERD/MTS 5800’s critical functions are its wireless backhaul applications. The ability to validate synchronization mechanisms in Ethernet networks, for example IEEE 1588 and synchronous Ethernet, ensures reliable mobile handoffs are made from cell site to cell site and ensures service degradation is avoided.

JDSU prides itself in innovation expertise — the T-BERD/MTS 5800’s combination of size and functionality is unmatched in the industry, designed to offer our customers optimal testing efficiency for the deployment and maintenance of carrier Ethernet networks, which are the backbone of future communications services,” said Lars Friedrich, vice president and general manager in JDSU’s Communications Test and Measurement business segment.

The T-BERD/MTS 5800 is the industry’s most complete 10Gbps handheld instrument for Ethernet, SONET/SDH and PDH testing throughout the network’s entire service life cycle. It also supports JDSU’s widely deployed J-Complete test suite.

J-Complete is a set of automated test capabilities designed for ease of use that enable cost savings and efficiency in installation and troubleshooting in the field. With integrated capture and decode, this enables field technicians — regardless of experience level — to perform guided turn-up and troubleshooting with reliable and repeatable results in a single instrument. This helps to decrease capex by eliminating the need for a separate analyzer and it decreases opex by enabling fast and easy installations.

For decades, the T-BERD/MTS product line has built a solid worldwide reputation and has been trusted based on cutting-edge design and performance. Compatibility with thousands of field-proven units deployed worldwide by every major elecommunications network operator enables easy migration to new network technologies while continuing to reduce expenses and simplify network deployments.

By TelecomLead.com Team

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