Jordan Govt and Cisco deploy HealthPresence solution in Middle East and Africa





The Government of Jordan and Cisco launched a regional health clinic that will use Cisco Care-at-a-Distance technology to bring patients and physicians at the Al-Mafraq Governmental Hospital (MGH), in the north-east of Jordan, together with specialists at Prince Hamzah Hospital (PHH), in Amman, for healthcare consultations.





This first implementation of Cisco’s HealthPresence solution in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region demonstrates how technology can transform the delivery of healthcare in rural areas.





As part of the Jordan Healthcare Initiative (JHI), Cisco has strategically collaborated with the Government of Jordan to provide thought leadership in ICT-enabled healthcare solutions as well as to support the initial implementation of Cisco Care-at-a-Distance Solutions to help enable quality healthcare services for remote and underserved communities.





The deployment of the Cisco HealthPresence solution to connect Al-Mafraq Governmental Hospital to Prince Hamzah Hospital marks one of the first projects under the JHI strategy.





An event to mark the unveiling of the solution was held at the Al-Mafraq hospital under the patronage of His Excellency  Abdellatif Woreikat, Jordan’s Minister of Health. Also in attendance were senior officials from the Jordanian Government as well as senior representatives from Cisco.





Healthcare initiatives are a key priority for Jordan’s National Agenda, our aim being to improve the quality of life for Jordanians and guarantee social welfare. Our collaboration with Cisco is already yielding dividends,” said His Excellency Abdellatif Woreikat, Minister of Health, Jordan.





The Cisco HealthPresence solution combines high-definition video, advanced audio, and network-transmitted medical data to create an environment similar to what people experience when they visit their local doctor or health specialist.





It can be configured to support multiple locations and to use network connectivity to match the appropriate expert with the health needs of the patient. Designed for use by a licensed healthcare professional, it can extend the reach of healthcare providers, increasing access to specialists and can be used to redirect unnecessary hospital visits to low cost clinics.





Cisco HealthPresence allows patients to interact through technology with doctors who may be hundreds of kilometers away, within a clinical setting. It creates a dynamic environment for patient care, delivers a true-to-life experience between the patient and the provider, and helps improve lives by making it easier to access care.





The Jordan Healthcare Initiative was originally envisioned by His Majesty King Abdullah II and Cisco’s Chairman and CEO John Chambers when the two leaders agreed to explore opportunities for Cisco and the Jordanian government to collaborate on transforming Jordan’s healthcare delivery system.





“Cisco is focused on working with government and industry to transform the delivery of healthcare through 21st-century technology. Today, Cisco Care-at-a-Distance Solutions are transforming healthcare by providing a new access model that enables patients to easily connect with the best clinician for their specific condition, regardless of patient or clinician’s location,” said Laura Quintana, director of Corporate Affairs, Cisco.





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