Joyent, XYBASE and Anise Asia Cloud forge alliance to offer carrier-grade cloud software and services


Joyent, a global provider of cloud computing solutions,
XYBASE, a provider of IT solutions for global governments and corporations and
Anise Asia Cloud, a Joyent-powered cloud service provider for South East Asia,
announced a strategic alliance in which Anise Asia Cloud  and
XYBASE will resell Joyent’s Smart Data Center 6 cloud software throughout South
East Asia.


The two companies will deliver cloud solutions to
government agencies, multinational corporations, and telecommunications
companies to meet growing demand for a next generation datacenter that can
support the rapid adoption of public, private and hybrid cloud solutions.


Governments and multinational corporations throughout
South East Asia need access to a carrier-grade cloud operating system that can
provide real-time visibility into datacenter assets across the region while
delivering unparalleled performance, security and profits.


Cloud software built for legacy enterprise applications,
such as Amazon’s AWS, or VMWare’s virtualization, does not stand up to these
requirements,” said Jason Hoffman, co-founder, Joyent.


Joyent enables developers to deliver next-generation applications using its Node.js
Platform as a Service offering. Node.js is a fast, efficient, and easy to use
programming environment that allows developers to build high performance
applications for mobile, web, Internet and machine-to-machine (m2m) computing.
Node.js has gained rapid global adoption and is being ported to Windows® in
collaboration with Microsoft Corp. and is being used in HP’s webOS.


“Businesses throughout South East Asia want to
affordably achieve quicker time to market with their products and services to
gain competitive advantage. Joyent’s proven cloud software and services quickly
meet the requirements of the government agencies, businesses and higher
education users that XYBASE has been serving for more than 18 years,” said
Suhaimee, president of XYBASE.


As government agencies, telecommunications companies and
multinational corporations shift from virtualization to cloud computing, those
who license Joyent’s Smart Data Center cloud software from Anise Asia Cloud and
XYBASE will enjoy three core benefits compared to other cloud software options:


Operating System Efficiency Lowers Cost and Power Usage,
Improves Performance Joyent creates virtualized data centers (not just virtualized machines) and
employs operating system-level virtualization while most of the industry uses
less efficient hardware virtualization.


Joyent’s approach to virtualization translates into as
much as a 70 percent higher utilization rate, resulting in lower equipment and
power costs and higher margins that allow cloud operators to profitably compete
with other vendors in the market. Joyent’s efficient cloud architecture also
leads to higher performance. Recent benchmarks
comparing Joyent and Amazon EC2 show that Joyent outperformed Amazon EC2 in
CPU, Disc I/O and Memory I/O by as much as 14X.

The global explosion in mobile and tablet devices has created demand for DIRTY
(Data-Intensive Real-Time) applications that can rapidly and flexibly receive,
compute and respond to requests from millions of users at a time.


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