Korea Telecom licenses SPIRIT DSP’s mobile VoIP engine

a top voice and video over IP engine provider, announced that Korean telecom
giant KT has licensed the company’s TeamSpirit Voice Engine Mobile, an SDK
(Software Development Kit) that enables HD VoIP calling on mobile devices.

telephony is Korea’s prominent daily communications medium. The VoIP rates are
80 percent cheaper for intercity calls, 20 percent lower for calls to mobile
phones and 95 percent cheaper for international calls.

According to
the Korean Communications Commission (KCC), the number of paid Internet
telephony subscribers broke the 10 million mark this year.

the growing popularity of VoIP calling in Asia Pacific, coupled by the sheer
volume of mobile data usage, the problem of lost or jammed traffic becomes a real
barrier for smooth, quality communications over mobile networks,” said
Alexander Kravchenko, VP Sales at SPIRIT DSP.

priorities of consumers and businesses are shifting from an experience that’s
‘good enough’ to a demand for a higher quality mobile HD VoIP experience that
SPIRIT engine delivers to KT’s millions of mobile subscribers,” Kravchenko

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