LG U+ selects Spirent TestCenter to verify 100G Ethernet network router

Telecom Lead Asia: LG U+, a cable and wireless
telecommunication company of South Korea, has selected Spirent TestCenter to
verify the performance of a 100G Ethernet core network router from a leading

Through Spirent TestCenter, LG U+ is also verifying 100G
Ethernet core network’s ability to support more than 2.0 Terabits per second
(Tbps) bandwidth.


Verifying high-speed, high-capacity router performance
is not easy given the port density and complex test configurations. Spirent
TestCenter’s high port density and simple GUI provided the results necessary to
verify the features and performance of the router,” said Jin, senior engineer
at LG U+.


LG U+ used Spirent TestCenter with 10G and 100G Spirent
HyperMetrics neXt modules to emulate several routing protocols including Border
Gateway Protocol (BGP), Open Shortest Path First (OSPF), Protocol-Independent
Multicast (PIM) and MPLS for IPv4 and IPv6.


With Spirent TestCenter, LG U+ also generated a wide
range of traffic patterns at full line rate for routing emulation.


The tests validated the high-speed router’s ability to
support QoS and IPv4/IPv6 routing capacity and data forwarding performance of
2.0 Tbps.


Spirent TestCenter is the ideal solution for next
generation networks, from traditional performance testing to rigorous analysis
of virtualization, cloud computing, mobile backhaul and high-speed Ethernet
networks,” said Gene Zhang, vice president and general manager, Asia Pacific at
Spirent Communications.


LG U+ is planning to further upgrade its current network,
deploying high-speed 100G routers to better serve its mobile subscribers,
especially with the migration to an LTE network.


China Telecommunications Technology Labs selects Spirent for
TD-LTE testing


Recently, China Telecommunications Technology Labs
(CTTL), a wireless test and certification organization under China Academy of
Telecommunications Research (CATR) tapped Spirent to advance their TD-LTE
device test environment. 


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