M5 Networks expands unified communications offering with M5 Softphone

Networks, a provider of business phone systems, announced the launch of the M5
Softphone, software that lets users manage their telephone calls over the M5
network from a PC, rather than a traditional handset.

way people work is changing.  The era of the 9-to-5 job is over.  In
its place is a mobile workforce that can work from anywhere, any
time,” said Jeff Valentine, senior vice president
of Product at M5 Networks.  

the M5 Softphone, users enjoy almost every feature of the M5 Cisco phone right on the desktop
without the hardware.

communications is about breaking down the barriers between the systems and
devices we use to be productive, in this case the computer and the phone,”
said Dan Hoffman, CEO of M5 Networks.

M5 Softphone is one of M5 Networks’ unified communications and mobility
offerings.  Others include; M5 Scribe voicemail to email transcription, M5
Fax, Find Me/Follow Me and the M5 Connect family of business system

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