Majority smartphone users in U.S. access social media on their phone daily

Almost three quarters of mobile phone users (both
smartphones and other types) in the United States use their phones to visit
social networking sites daily, sometimes more than once each day, according to
ABI Research.

This finding comes from an online survey of 2,000
consumers conducted in March 2011 by ABI Research. They were asked a wide range
of questions about how they use mobile devices. All respondents owned at least
one mobile phone, smartphone or media tablet.

Operators and brands, take note: your customers are here
in droves. Users like multiple modes of social interaction. Survey respondents
say the mobile phone (or smartphone) provides sufficient access to the
activities they like doing with social networks: viewing content, sending
media, and updating profiles,” said Neil Strother, Practice director at ABI

In fact, the phone is a preferred device for doing a
number of activities by nearly half of those who access social networks via
mobile,” Strother added.

The popularity of these activities has implications for
network data traffic, but also for the increased usage of downloadable apps, the
delivery of more services (not just OTT/apps) and higher ARPU from data plans.

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