Metaswitch expands association with Huawei to include licensing of DC-PCE

Telecom Lead India:
Metaswitch has expanded its association with Huawei to include licensing of
DC-PCE, Metaswitch’s Path Computation Element software.

Metaswitch’s DC-PCE, along with its GMPLS software
previously licensed to Huawei, provides the key building blocks for Huawei’s
Unified Control Plane, which powers the software for its SingleBackbone network

Moreover, Huawei’s SingleBackbone solution enables the
convergence of IP and optical networks, which dramatically improves network
efficiency and reliability while lowering operational costs and provisioning

PCE is designed to separate the critical software components
of the IP/MPLS control plane from the data forwarding hardware in the network.
This separation and virtualization of the control software from the forwarding
hardware is a central feature of Software Defined Networking (SDN)

“The control plane plays an important role in our IP
& OTN Synergy strategy. Our relationship with Metaswitch provides us with
access to the latest innovations in this space and we expect DC-PCE to be an
important component of carrier networks as they move to SDN-based architectures,”
said Daniel Xiong, vice president of research and development of Huawei’s
Transmission Network Product Line.

“Huawei has one of the largest research and development
organizations in our industry. We are very pleased to have Huawei’s continued
endorsement of Metaswitch software,” said Clive Partridge, general manager
of network technologies at Metaswitch.

DC-PCE is part of Metaswitch’s control plane software
solutions, which include MPLS and IP Routing software.

Metaswitch’s portable software products are designed for
system vendors of carrier equipment. This network technology is pre-integrated
with all the leading operating systems and is portable to any hardware
environment, enabling network OEMs to roll out control plane solutions in a
quick and cost-effective manner.

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