Mobicule Technologies: MySOS iPhone app alerts family and friends to exact location of a vulnerable individual

Known for its innovative applications, Mobicule
Technologies has emerged with yet another application to help increase safety
for women and children. Siddharth Agarwal, CEO, Mobicule Technologies
talks about the idea behind the app and more


How will the MySOS app work?

Mobicule Technologies new iPhone app called -MySOS’
alerts family and friends to the exact location of a potentially vulnerable
individual. It is operated by three simple screen taps which tells the iPhone
to send emails and SMS messages to close friends and relatives. Fully equipped
with a GPS locator, recipients of MySOS emails and texts are given the precise
location of the missing or endangered person.


What is the coverage area/range that your
application can cover?

There is no limit and range of the coverage. The coverage
area will wholly depend on the data connection. It will cover as far the data
connection is available in the area. Additionally, it will give the exact
location of the place and can trace even the building/main landmark or can tell
the accurate name of the spot/site where the person is trapped. The app also
has settings by which one can divide receivers into groups and then can send
the message accordingly. In this way one will be able to send the text only to
selective people. However, the app will only work if enabled with GPS.


Will the app work in case there is no
validity or balance in the user’s mobile?

Balance will be required only for the activation of this
service. In order to enable this feature on mobile phones one has to activate
this service. Once the service is activated, one can get sms alerts and all the
inbuilt features complimentary. After the activation, it will work even if
there is no balance on the cellphone.


What is the negative effect of this function?
Can it be misused?

If accidentally activated, this app will automatically
send messages and texts to the relatives or friends, even if the user is not in
danger. If the device gets into the hands of children, then they may also
transfer the false message to the receivers on the other end.


What is the success rate that you are
expecting for this app?

The feature of this kind can only be applicable on
smartphones, like the iPhone. In a country like India, the number of iPhone users
is still quite low, but is catching up. With the rise in usage of smartphones
in India, we belive that this feature will catch up.


Will this technology be offered only by
specific operators?

It is not limited to any particular operator. It
can be accessed from any operator. There is no limitation as such.


When will this solution be launched?

The feature is available. However, the official launch in
India will be on Independence day (15th August, 2011)


Do you have any plans to take this solution
abroad as well?

This app is already available in Japan and UK. India is
the third country to be equipped with this feature. We also have plans to
launch this feature in Australia very soon.


By Abhilasha Sharma

[email protected]