Mobile Symmetry available to mobile users on multiple devices and carriers


Mobile Symmetry, a provider of next generation caller
identification (CallerID), announced that its Caller ID application now
operates on 4G devices and GSM/Wi-Fi network devices that run on Android 1.6 or
Blackberry OS 5.0 or greater.


With Mobile Symmetry consumers will never have to wonder
who is calling their mobile phone again,” said Jim Patterson, co-founder and
chief executive officer, Mobile Symmetry


Right now we’re offering them a free, 15-day trial to
prove the service works for them. If customers would like to continue getting
the best in call relevance, relationship and visual identification on their
mobile phones following the trial, Mobile Symmetry costs just two dollars per
month or five dollars for three months,” Patterson added.


The Mobile Symmetry application retrieves information
about the identity of the caller, relationship of the caller to the person
receiving the call, and the caller’s reason for calling.


If the calling party is not in the Mobile Symmetry
database, TARGUSinfo, the largest provider of Caller ID services in the U.S.,
supplies authoritative information including calling party name, city and
state, as well as what device the person is calling from mobile/home/work.


The Mobile Symmetry application offers: User
customization of Caller ID display to other users including profiles for
business, personal or public contacts.


A group feature where users can create contacts and
manage groups of any size, customize profiles for each group, and broadcast
messages to those groups with one click.


This application also provides the ability for users to
share a personalized reason for calling within the Caller ID display.


Recently, TARGUSinfo and Mobile Symmetry unveiled the
next generation of mobile identification services to the wireless carrier
market. The two companies are combining the power of TARGUSinfo’s unmatched,
authoritative data repository with the innovative contact management system
created by Mobile Symmetry.


The partnership forms the definitive service in next
generation caller identification (CallerID), and is available using any mobile
carrier as an application on Android or BlackBerry Operating Systems, or on all
mobile phones as a mobile web application.


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