Mobile voice market revenue drops by 3 percent


While mobile data revenues accelerated on the back of
growing smartphone adoption, the mobile voice market recorded its largest
annual decline in Q1 2011.


According to the latest report from Strategy Analytics,
the rate of growth in mobile service revenues
faltered last quarter when voice revenues dropped by
nearly 3 percent.


Strategy Analytics Wireless Operator
Strategies (WOS) research, which tracks the operational and financial
performance of over 200 mobile operators, accounting for over 75 percent of
global subscribers, found that non-messaging data services contributed all of
the growth in mobile data revenues and now represent over 61 percent of the


For mobile operators, the Mobile Internet is the new
engine for revenue growth. But it comes with a challenging impact on resources.
While operators are still early in the cycle of managing and optimizing those
loads, smartphones and tablets are joining USB modems to put huge strains on
mobile network capacity,” said Sue Rudd, director of service provider analysis
at Strategy Analytics.


Mobile operators need to remain vigilant in balancing
voice, SMS and data pricing to maximize revenues and maintain profitability.
The very growth in data revenues, coming from smartphones with bundled voice
and data plans, undermines some of the value in the voice market. Operators
must tread cautiously in order to avoid chasing smartphone growth at any
price,” said Phil Kendall, director, Wireless Operator Strategies, and author
of the report.


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