Motorola Solutions introduces MVX1000 digital in-car video system for Police

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solutions provider Motorola Solutions has launched
the MVX1000 digital in-car video system, offering dedicated
touch-screen LCD control head that allows public safety officers to better
operate their in-car camera systems.


Many departments desire in-car video capabilities that
operate independently of a laptop or mobile workstation.


Video is a critical element of modern police work,
but the officer must be able to use the system efficiently and effectively.
With the MVX1000 touch-screen control head, capturing video evidence is very
intuitive, and we look forward to using it to serve our community,” said
Lieutenant Ed Biehler, Bountiful City, Utah Police Department.


The company claims that its MVX1000 is an efficient
in-car video capture and management solution that combines high-quality video,
reliable ruggedized construction, an intuitive touch-screen interface and a
versatile back-end digital media management system to help protect officers and


The LCD control head provides a dedicated, intuitive user
interface (UI) that works specifically with the MVX1000 digital in-car video


Video is extremely important for public safety, helping with
everything from documenting incidents to corroborating offenses to protecting
officers. The LCD control head for the MVX1000, part of Motorola Solutions’
next generation public safety technology, is designed for simplicity and ease
of use so that officers are free from distractions and can focus on protecting
the public,” said Rod Guy, director of Product Operations, Video and Mobile
Computing Solutions, Motorola Solutions.


The LCD control head has a five-inch color display that
is large enough to be clear and easy to use but small enough to remain
unobtrusive. Designed for mission-critical use, the LCD control head is
ruggedized and built to withstand vibration, dust, moisture and temperature


It also features IP54 sealing, which keeps out dust
and protects the unit against splashing liquids, ensuring reliable operation in
the field.


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