NCR and Scopus Tecnologia to accelerate growth in Brazil


NCR and Scopus Tecnologia announced the formation of a
strategic alliance for the manufacturing and development of ATMs in Brazil that
will see Scopus acquire a 49 percent equity stake in NCR Manaus, NCR’s
Brazilian manufacturing and engineering operations.


Concurrently, Banco Bradesco signed an agreement with a
target for 30,000 ATMs over the next five years, making NCR its preferred ATM
provider with an initial order for more than 6,000 ATMs from NCR Manaus. The
agreement is subject to regulatory approval. Terms of the deal were not


NCR’s sales, services and other employees will remain in
a separate company and continue to deliver sales and services support to NCR’s
broader customer base in Brazil.


The agreements will enable NCR
to leverage Scopus’ deep technology knowledge and geographical presence,
improve manufacturing productivity and deliver innovative products more quickly
to financial institutions across Brazil, the world’s fourth largest ATM market.


According to Retail Banking Research, the ATM market in
Brazil is expected to increase by 27 percent by 2015.1 The agreement
from Banco Bradesco will accelerate NCR’s growth in Brazil and enhance the
company’s position in the market.


This is a bold, strategic, and transformative alliance
that is perfectly aligned with our corporate strategy as it expands and
strengthens our geographic presence and sales coverage,” said NCR chairman and
CEO Bill Nuti.


It underscores why we ultimately decided to open our
manufacturing facility in Manaus back in 2009 namely to respond to customer
demand for local sourcing and be closer to a dynamic growing market. The
alliance will enable NCR to leverage Scopus’ local market presence and deep
customer expertise, while helping us improve our manufacturing productivity and
time to market,” Nuti added.


While the initial scope of this alliance is targeted at
NCR’s Financial Services line of business, the alliance is not limited to just
this industry segment. Both NCR and Scopus are excited with the potential of
this alliance as it puts a solid foundation in place for NCR to jointly pursue
growth and exciting opportunities in our other lines of business in the future,


Through the preferred ATM provider agreement, Banco
Bradesco will benefit from NCR’s innovative ATMs and financial self-service
technology, which includes multi-function and cash dispense ATMs.


These solutions will be deployed at Bradesco’s existing
branches and rolled out to new locations as the bank extends its footprint in
Brazil. NCR will service the ATMs within the warranty period, after which
Scopus will provide services support.


This agreement reflects our belief in a strategic
alliance with NCR that can deliver the innovation necessary to meet the
Brazilian market’s growing demand for self-service and enable Scopus to drive
significant growth within its business,” said Candido Leonelli, CEO of Scopus.


Since opening its manufacturing and engineering facility
in Manaus in 2009, NCR has strengthened its competitive position by introducing
products from its NCR SelfServ family of ATMs and well as adapting some
products and technology specifically for the Brazilian market.


NCR has also invested in other industries in Brazil,
announcing earlier in 2011 a new growth program and coverage model for its
retail industry, introducing new technology and expansion of channel
partnerships for Brazil.


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