NEBA unveils SMS text messaging system for bank credit and debit card issuers

NEBA announced that it implemented Short Messaging
Systems (SMS) Text Messaging Systems for financial institution credit and debit
card issuers.

The system provides one- or two-way consumer, event or
system triggered short code messaging and is module-based, depending on need. A
real time fraud alerts component, based upon Falcon fraud analytics system
strategies, allows the card issuer expanded risk management capability.

Cardholders benefit because they can conveniently request
account information and receive personalized and near immediate responses.
Issuers benefit because they can use it to help control fraud, strengthen their
brand, differentiate their services, save money by reducing call center
activity, and even add marketing messages that are tailored by cardholder
attributes to SMS responses,” said Ted Keith, president and CEO, NEBA.  

With SMS Text Messaging the issuer’s cardholders access
near real-time, personalized, relevant credit card account data. The system
works with existing digital voice capabilities allowing a card issuer to
communicate via SMS Text Messaging, automated outbound voice messaging or other
preferred channel.

NEBA’s SMS Text Messaging System, a one- or two-way
consumer, event or system triggered system, allows bank credit and debit card
issuers to provide up to the minute information when and where their financial
institution customers want it.

The system allows for easy integration via
processor-established contracts with industry leading mobile network operators
and seamless implementation with minimal IT resources. Support services include
a customer service interface and SMS message customization.

SMS Text Messaging capability enables card issuers to
communicate with their customers while the fraud reduction-mobile alerts
component offers a means of contacting cardholders to confirm fraud in real

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