Net Optics Leverages Spirent to Validate Virtualized Network Monitoring Tool

To enable enterprises to deliver superior network visibility and performance to virtualized data centers, Net Optics, a provider of Intelligent Access and Monitoring Architecture solutions, is testing its latest virtualized network monitoring tool with Spirent’s cloud computing and data center solution.

Spirent enables the maker of intelligent monitoring access solutions to verify the performance, availability, security and scalability (PASS) of its Phantom Virtual Tap.

With the continuing trend toward virtualized and cloud computing environments, the need for a network traffic monitoring solution to support these emerging networks is critical to addressing and maintaining security, cost-effectiveness, investment value, manageability and compliance concerns”,  said Sharon Besser, vice president, technology, Net Optics .

The ability to assess Phantom Virtual Tap with Spirent’s proven virtualization test tools allows us to ensure we are delivering the strongest product available to service providers, enterprises and equipment makers who are seeking to streamline a variety of aspects related to their cloud and virtualized networks”, Besser added.

Net Optics is using Spirent TestCenter Virtual and Spirent Avalanche Virtual, which together deliver the industry’s only solution designed to test and measure the PASS of virtualized network infrastructure and of applications deployed in the cloud.

Testing with Spirent enables Net Optics to ensure that its latest network monitoring tool is better prepared to assess potential security and compliance issues as well as the traffic that passes through the virtual and physical network interfaces the Phantom Virtual Tap resides on.

There’s little doubt that virtualization has become an increasingly important consideration for many organizations seeking ways to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively”,  said Jeff Schmitz, vice president of Networks & Applications at Spirent. With this move from a physical to a virtual world, delivering testing solution that test the PASS of both infrastructure and applications is critical to both the acceptance and success of this network transformation”.

Spirent TestCenter Virtual provides unsurpassed visibility into the entire data center infrastructure, accurately benchmarking and optimizing the performance of virtual server switches and cloud-based virtualization.

Spirent Avalanche Virtual provides the empirical data necessary to measure the performance of applications deployed in the cloud, enabling enterprises and cloud service providers to understand the impact of large-scale cloud-based application deployments against their expected quality of experience benchmarks.

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