NI ties up with TU-Dresden to explore new technologies for 5G wireless systems

Telecom Lead America: National Instruments announced its
association with TU-Dresden for exploring new technologies for 5G wireless
systems using NI LabVIEW system design software.

“National Instruments RF and communications tools
will enable us to design OFDM prototyping systems within a single software
design flow,” said Gerhard Fettweis, head of the Vodafone Chair Mobile
Communications Systems.

“With the modular NI PXI system, we can start with a
SISO link and expand to complex MIMO configuration with limited modifications
to the code, exceeding an 8×8 setup, as our research
evolves,” Fettweis added.

Research on 5G wireless systems is in its infancy as 3.5G
and 4G systems are still in development.

TU-Dresden previously pioneered 3G systems research in
association with the Vodafone Chair Mobile Communications Systems, which is
dedicated to cutting-edge research in wireless communication technology.

“TU-Dresden is one of the world’s top research
universities, and they’re leading the way in groundbreaking research to
prototype next-generation wireless communication systems. We are proud to
accelerate the development of future technologies that will ultimately impact
anyone who uses a cellphone,” said James Truchard, president, CEO and
cofounder of National Instruments.

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