noHold and Motorola Mobility develop Motorola Modem Virtual Assistant for Comcast subscribers

noHold, a developer of interactive and
diagnostic Virtual Assistant technology and Confederated Knowledge, announced
that it has partnered with Motorola Mobility to Develop Motorola Modem Virtual
Assistant for Comcast subscribers.

noHold and Motorola are providing an
integrated first-line-of-support to respond to customer inquiries. This allows
service providers to improve customer satisfaction and reduce support costs.

Motorola’s Modem Virtual Assistant reduces
the calls at the service center and improves the consumer’s experience by
providing quick and efficient answers to commonly recurring problems.

“Motorola is pleased to be working with
noHold to promote the Motorola Modem Virtual Assistant to Comcast and other
customers, to provide an integrated and effective first-line-of-support to
respond to customer inquiries,” said Mike Laraia, vice president, Services and
Support, Motorola Mobility.

Motorola Modem Virtual Assistant is used
through the AskComcast Virtual Assistant at which is made possible
through Confederated Knowledge (CK). CK allows one Virtual Assistant to
leverage the knowledge of other Virtual Assistants.

When third party products or services are
not supported, CK works like a live agent and passes the conversation to an
alternate Virtual Assistant.

“CK promises consumers the right answers
where they want them and on their own terms. To the enterprise, CK offers
support across company boarders without incremental effort. We are particularly
happy to team up with Motorola to share this vision,” said Diego Ventura, CEO
and founder, noHold

The Motorola Modem Virtual Assistant is a
web-based application that works like a live chat. It works like instant
messaging where customers type a question or statement, and after only a few
clicks or keystrokes, the system provides specific answers.

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