Nokia Siemens Networks showcases 336 Mbps HSPA+ at PT Expo Comm

Siemens Networks announced that it demonstrated an HSPA+ data call with peak
throughput of 336 megabits per second (Mbps) at PT Expo Comm in Beijing, China.

industry’s first Long Term HSPA Evolution showcase demonstrates the feasibility
of improving HSPA+ speed and capacity by using multi-carrier and multiband

HSPA evolution is increasingly
gaining importance as the technology is capable of achieving high data rates of
over 300 Mbps,” said Keith Sutton, head of the WCDMA business line for Nokia
Siemens Networks.

Existing HSPA+ customers and new 3G
entrants can deploy multi-carrier and multiband HSPA technology as it will
allow them to offer the best user experience for bit-rate hungry applications
such as the transfer of large files and mobile TV,” Sutton added.

We have been working closely with
Nokia Siemens Networks to help accelerate the deployment of next generation
technologies around the world,” added Peter Carson, senior director of product
management at Qualcomm.

The implementation of new concepts
in networks and devices supports the evolution of any technology, and this
demonstration is another step forward,” Carson added.

The demonstration used Nokia Siemens
Networks’ commercial Flexi Multiradio Base Station and Multicontroller platform
alongside MDM8220 test terminals from Qualcomm Incorporated. The showcase
combines eight HSPA carriers (multi-carrier), each carrying 42 Mbps with MIMO
and 64 QAM modulation.

This configuration can be allocated
from one or multiple frequency bands (multiband), simultaneously for one data
connection of over 300 Mbps. Multi-carrier and multiband HSPA is standardized
in 3GPP Release 8 through 11, and the standardization for eight carriers is
expected to be completed by 2012. The eight-carrier product will be available
from Nokia Siemens Networks by end of 2012.

Operators’ investments can be fully
protected with HSPA+ as Nokia Siemens Networks’ Flexi Multiradio Base Station
and Multicontroller platform can support multi-carrier and multiband technology
with a simple software upgrade. These two products are the key elements of
Nokia Siemens Networks’ Single RAN offering supporting rapidly evolving
cellular networks.

Nokia Siemens Networks leads the
evolution of HSPA+, and is driving the standardization of Long Term HSPA
Evolution to achieve speeds of more than 650 Mbps. With the eight-carrier HSPA+
demo, Nokia Siemens Networks makes Long Term HSPA Evolution a reality.

The company was the first to
demonstrate HSPA data rates exceeding 150 Mbps at Mobile World Congress 2011
and 250 Mbps at CTIA 2011. Nokia Siemens Networks has the largest number of
WCDMA/HSPA customers worldwide at more than 200 operators, and provides the
industry’s leading radio network solution with its Single RAN.

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