NTT Com expands IP Network data-transmission capacity to 500 Gbps

Telecom Lead Asia: NTT Communications (NTT Com) has
expanded the data-transmission capacity of its Global IP Network between Asia
and Oceania to 500 gigabits per second (Gbps).


The new capacity is equivalent to approximately 29,762
channels of digital terrestrial television or 428 years’ worth of content in a
daily newspaper.


The capacity expansion will enable NTT Com to accelerate
the company’s leadership in trans-Pacific Tier-1 IP connectivity.


NTT Com’s global IP backbones provide IP network services
to Japan, Asia, Europe, Oceania and other markets worldwide.


Telecom operators benefit as IP network services are
connected to fixed and mobile telecom companies, Internet service providers
(ISPs), data center operators and content providers.


The company’s largest cable network offers 620 Gbps
between Japan and the United States, uses a dual-stack (IPv4 and IPv6)
configuration as one of NTT Com’s core IPv6 networks.


NTT Com has implemented initiatives to facilitate the
fast, stable data transmission of increasing data traffic, including launching
the Asia Submarine-cable Express, a low-latency, highly reliable undersea cable
connecting major cities in Asia.


The company is assisting the initiatives of IT-related
government agencies in emerging countries, such as providing consultation to
support ISP transition to IPv6 and access to the global Internet. NTT Com has
increased its data-transmission capacity between Asia and Oceania by nearly
tenfold, from 53 Gbps in 2007 to an industry-leading 500 Gbps.


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