NTT Communications completes construction of new data center in Singapore

Telecom Lead Team:
NTT Communications (NTT Com) has completed
the construction of the Singapore Serangoon Data Center.

data center is designed to serve the needs of financial services industry and
enterprises that require high power, low latency networks and a stable and
secured infrastructure to build on their private cloud.

construction has been carried out by NTT Worldwide Telecommunications
Corporation (NTT WT) and the services will be offered through NTT Singapore.

company claims that Serangoon Data Center, as well as NTT Com’s data centers in
Hong Kong and Japan are strategically located in close proximity of the stock
exchanges to provide low latency networks to the financial industry for high-frequency
electronic trading. The data center is also able to host high density racks of
up to 12kVA and is fitted with IPv6 ready infrastructure.

of the world’s major financial institutions are increasingly shifting their
focus to Asia and this has seen the growth of Asian financial hubs,
particularly in Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo,” said Mr Takeshi Kazami,
President and CEO of NTT Singapore.

Singapore Serangoon Data Center supports its strategy to expand business in the
fast-growing Asian region which is expected to account for 40 percent of the
global economy in 2030.

Serangoon Data Center incorporates NTT Com’s exacting standards for uniform
data-center services, facilities and operations. NTT Com’s standards are
aligned with those of globally recognized organizations, such as the
Telecommunications Industry Association, The Uptime Institute, and the American
Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Singapore Serangoon Data Center is purpose-built and is designed to be Tier IV
ready to serve those mission critical IT systems of multinational corporations.
The data center has received the Green Mark Platinum Award by the Singapore
Building and Construction Authority.  This certifies the building is
environment-friendly, and utilizes water and energy efficiently,” said Mr.
Kazunori Tanaka, president and CEO of NTT. 

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