Oculeus OSS BSS solution powers Annecto Telecom’s SMS hubbing service

Annecto Telecom VoIPOSS / BSS solutions provider Oculeus announced that Annecto Telecom, a VoIP network operator based in the United Kingdom, has deployed its Captura SMS solution for its new SMS hubbing service.

The deployment follows Annecto Telecom’s recent decision to extend its usage of Oculeus’ Captura solutions. The global VoIP network operator deployed the Capurta SMS system to support its SMS hubbing service that was launched recently.

Captura Voice system from Oculeus has supported Annecto Telecom for its business solution needs in order to manage its wholesale voice business unit for the past five years.

“Like most telcos, voice-over-data and OTT services have eroded our voice-based business, which has forced us to look for new sources of revenue,” said VJ Odedra, group CEO at Annecto Telecom.

Annecto Telecom’s SMS hubbing service provides advanced SMS trading platform on carrier-grade infrastructure offering mobile network operators, SMS aggregators and enterprise customers direct and wholesale routes. Annecto Telecom’s SMS hubbing service supports A2P and P2P SMS services, allowing mobile network operators to increase their SMS-based traffic and revenues.

Oculeus said the Captura SMS OSS / BSS system is assisting telecom operators to manage SMS traffic on interconnect and wholesale networks. Captura SMS provides Annecto Telecom the business and operational framework to manage pricing, routing, rating, reporting and billing for its SMS hubbing service.
Oculeus CEO Arnd BaranowskiArnd Baranowski, CEO of Oculeus, said the deployment of Captura SMS enables Annecto Telecom to maintain efficient operations with fully automated processes. Captura SMS’s routing and pricing capabilities enable Annecto Telecom to differentiate its service offerings with attractive pricing and generate more SMS traffic.

Annecto Telecom will be discussing its new SMS hubbing service this week at the Messaging and SMS World Congress in London.

Annecto Telecom, which operates VoIP and TDM networks, provides network infrastructure and telecommunications services to over 250 mobile network operators, PTTs, Tier 1 carriers and niche service providers.