Ookla reveals India’s mobile Internet and fixed broadband speed rank

mobile-internet-charge-in-indiaOokla has revealed India’s position in mobile Internet and fixed broadband speed in the month of November.

India is ranked 109th in the mobile internet speed and 76th for fixed broadband speed in November, according to Speedtest Global Index released by Ookla.

Ookla said the average mobile download speed in India grew 15 percent to reach 8.80 Mbps as of November from 7.65 Mbps at the start of 2017.

India’s average fixed broadband download speed increased 50 percent to 18.82 Mbps in November from 12.12 Mbps in January.

“Both mobile and fixed broadband internet in India are getting faster. India still has a long way to go to catch up with countries that have top speeds around the world,” said Doug Suttles, co-founder and general manager at Ookla.

Norway ranked first in the world for mobile internet with an average download speed of 62.66 Mbps.

Singapore takes the top spot for fixed broadband with a 153.85 Mbps average download.

Ookla analyzes the performance of the internet in every country based on consumer-initiated tests taken by real people using Speedtest. Over 17 billion tests have been taken with Speedtest to date.