Orckit-Corrigent : Plan to Play an Active Role in Building Transport Networking in India and Brazil

Orckit-Corrigent, a Packet Transport Network (PTN) vendor, established a new research and development branch in India. The new facility includes multiple research labs. It will strengthen research and development efforts of Orckit-Corrigent’s PTN solutions for Indian customers, as well as to extend the company’s global R&D efforts. Eylon Sorek, AVP Marketing at Orckit-Corrigent, shares their India plans.


What are your expansion plans in emerging markets such as India, Africa, Brazil, China and the Middle East?

Orckit-Corrigent has offices worldwide, including local offices in both India and Brazil. The company is very active in those regions. The Indian market, in particular, has the potential to become a growth engine for our company. Currently, multiple prospects in the Indian public, private and defense sectors are in different phases of evaluating our technologies and products. Additionally, fixed-line and mobile prospects in the Brazilian market are also in different phases of evaluating our technologies and products.

We plan to play an active role in the building of next-generation transport networking in India and Brazil.

Africa, the Middle East and China are a lower priority for us.


What are your investment plans in India?


We are continually increasing our direct investment in India in order to be closer to, and better serve our customers. Last month, we announced the opening of a new R&D branch in Chennai to further our PTN solutions for Indian customers. We also have a local sales and customer support office in India. The India team is lead byindustry veteran, Mr. VK Aggarwal, who joined Orckit-Corrigentin 2010 as Managing Director India.With his help,we are currently investing in the public, private and government sectors in India.


What are the demands of your customers in emerging markets?


Customers require an upgrade from their legacy TDM networking infrastructure to a unified packet transport network. Atypical requirement is to enable both TDM and packet services on MPLS / MPLS-TP technologies and to serve mobile, enterprise and residential subscribers.


What are the trends of Packet Transport Network (PTN) prices?


Since native TDM hardware and software is not included in PTN solutions,pricing for packet-based systems should represent significant discount per GE/10GE capacities. Total cost of ownership includes the delivery of legacy PDH and SDH services, as well as unified management. Moreover, TCO pricing is constantly decreasing.


What are the challenges in a market like India?



Customers in India have specific requirements in terms of large GE and 10GE, and they want to receive these interfaces at the lowest cost. We also see specific OAM and protection scenarios in the Indian market. FTTH and mobile backhaul networks are driving the Indian market with PTN solutions that needs to meet very aggressive time-to-market windows.



What are your news products and services in the pipeline?



We are constantly enhancing our PTN portfolio to better serve our customer requirements. This includes the introduction of both a PTN access portfolio and 100GE linecards. Our extended PTN access will include a number of 1RU products with E1/STM-1/STM-4/FE/GE interfaces and our backbone products will introduce Terabits of switching capacity with inherent 100GE support. As PTN products, they will include dual stack MPLS and MPLS-TP technologies at the lowest cost,along with a single management system.



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