OSS spending to support broadband wireless will increase from $3 billion to $22 billion in 2016

Telecom Lead India: Mobile service providers are
investing heavily in OSS to support wireless 3G and 4G services. Annual OSS
spending to support broadband wireless will increase $22 billion in 2016 from
$3 billion.

The global market for operations support systems (OSS),
the backbone of the telecom industry, will exceed $67 billion in 2016.

Telecommunications industry spending for OSS is expected
to mirror the forecasted growth in service revenue over the next five years,
indicating that the industry is expecting sustainable growth in the years

Telecom network operators are expected to increase their
investment in OSS at a compounded rate of 5.9 over the next five years,
according to a new report by Insight Research.

North American investment in the computing and software
systems used to acquire, serve, and bill customers will lag worldwide
investment, growing at a compounded rate of 4.6 percent over the same period,
while OSS expenditures made by carriers in the Asia, Europe, and Latin America
regions will grow at 6.3 percent.

Telecommunications providers will continue to invest in
systems that streamline their operations – particularly in growth areas such as
customer care and network engineering for wireless services.

Our research confirms continued strong growth for both
wireless services and the operations systems that support the proliferation of
smartphones, tablets, and mobility applications,” said Insight director Fran

Operations Support Systems, 2011-2016 forecasts global IT
infrastructure spending for billing, customer care, planning/engineering,
provisioning/inventory, trouble repair, network management, business
management, and workforce management systems.

It also projects the professional services expenditures
required to implement those systems by type of carrier in four regions: North
America; Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; Asia/Pacific; and Latin

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