Panasonic Enterprise collaborates with EL Media


Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company and Branded Cities Network (BCN) announce an exclusive, long-term, strategic marketing alliance.


Under the terms of the agreement, Panasonic will be the exclusive provider of all BCN digital signage, allowing BCN to rapidly expand its current portfolio of media assets. BCN will also be the exclusive sales agent for all third-party advertising time on already-constructed and future Panasonic signs in premier venues throughout North America.  


Panasonic is a global technology powerhouse, producing the latest and greatest that the digital industry has to offer. With BCN’s one-of-a-kind, large, iconic signage, this alliance will allow BCN to distribute content throughout North America.


“Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company and BCN will collaborate on leading edge ‘Cloud’ technology to manage and deliver creative content for BCN’s advertising clients to reach consumers in ways never done before  instantly, coast to coast  and now, all coordinated through one master control center,” said Steven Ellman, chairman/CEO, EL Media.


BCN will exclusively incorporate, whenever applicable, Panasonic digital signage in all of its current and future projects located throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. BCN’s current U.S. platform and additional North American markets will be added to leverage the technology capabilities that Panasonic Enterprise Solutions brings to the Alliance.



“This alliance between Panasonic and BCN will enable a unique combination of technology and media delivered with unprecedented efficiency for the advertiser. The alliance will be supported by a comprehensive financing package from Panasonic Finance Solutions. The partnership will provide BCN the ability to expand its digital business into new markets with timely delivery of new signage product and turnkey project execution,” said Jim Doyle, president, Panasonic Enterprise Solutions.


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