Panasonic unveils Toughbook aimed at enterprises in India

Panasonic announced the launch of Toughbook for
businesses in India.

The company also showcased the applications and
benefits of Toughbook for different industry segments like, automotive,
aviation, telecom, utility, etc. With this launch, Panasonic reiterates its
commitment towards its customers by understanding and catering to their
specific needs through innovation in technology.

Panasonic Toughbooks are designed to give mobile
workers reliable and secure access to their data and applications in
challenging environments. Toughbooks are engineered to withstand drops, spills,
dust and grime, and to perform in the harshest environments. Rugged
reliability, low cost of ownership and accolades from reviewers are just a few
of the reasons why Panasonic Toughbook computers keep winning over the world’s
toughest users! By finally giving workers access to IT in challenging
environments, business processes, productivity and customer experience can be
dramatically improved.

Panasonic Toughbook made its first rugged mobile PC
in 1994 and today has a 65.3 percent share of the global durable and rugged
notebook computer market (2010 revenue, VDC Research, March 2011).

The Indian laptop market is in sync with the global
market and is growing at a faster rate owing to the dynamics of businesses and
work life of consumers. Toughbooks have created their own niche in the
world of mobile technology, redefining the possibilities of access to data and
applications in the most challenging of environments.

“With the rapid pace of urban life developments and
demands from various businesses, we have introduced our new range of durable,
efficient and portable fully rugged laptops Toughbook. We are hoping to reach
out to a wide customer segment with this product and cater to the needs of
businesses,” said Daizo Ito, president, Panasonic India.

Panasonic Toughbook CF-53 offer mobile workers in
India tension-free usage at all times and will be available in the market at a
price less than Rs 100,000.

“The product offers its users a combination of
benefits through applications, great performance, easy remote access and
security without compromising on battery life. Starting from the manufacturing
industry verticals, Toughbooks have expanded towards a wider audience in recent
years. We are aiming at capturing more than 50 percent market share in each
target vertical in India. We currently dominate the ruggedized market, with
around 67 percent market share globally,” said Amos Tio, general manager,
Toughbook Asia Group.

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