Polaris Wireless expands in MEA region with new contract

Wireless, a global provider of software-based wireless location solutions,
announced a significant customer contract, for a multi-million dollar
deployment of the Polaris Wireless Altus and OmniLocate location surveillance
product suite.

deal represents a major increase in Polaris Wireless’ business in the MEA
region, directed out of the company’s regional headquarters in Dubai.

is the latest deployment of the company’s high-accuracy wireless location
surveillance solution in an area increasingly vital to the global efforts against
crime and terrorism. Polaris Wireless high-accuracy location solutions are also
deployed in North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

established our MEA headquarters less than one year ago, we are very pleased at
the growing demand for our high-accuracy wireless location surveillance
solutions in the region,” said Manlio Allegra, Polaris Wireless CEO
and co-founder.

success is directly attributed to our unmatched ability to provide a
2G/3G-compatible high-accuracy location and accurate mass location surveillance
solution,” Allegra added.

Polaris Wireless Altus application suite is a software-based surveillance
solution that enables accurate mass location, providing users the ability to
simultaneously locate all subscribers in a wireless network in real time and on
a historical basis.

capability enables functions, such as target identification, tracking via
geo-fence, and post-event analytics, which are vital to the anti-crime and
anti-terrorism surveillance efforts of Polaris Wireless customers in the MEA
and Asia-Pacific regions.

maximize its accuracy location performance, the Altus application suite is
being deployed with the OmniLocate platform powered by Polaris Wireless
Location Signatures (WLS), the most accurate software-based location method for
dense urban and indoor environments.

WLS is capable of locating a wireless device to within 50 meters and helps
customers avoid the costly and time-consuming maintenance associated with
hardware-based location solutions. Polaris Wireless provides its customers
regular product enhancements and updates, and 24/7 technical and operational
support for optimal performance.

By Telecomlead.com Team
[email protected]