Polish telecom operator Netia renews managed services deal with Ericsson

Telecom Lead Europe: Polish telecom operator Netia Group
has renewed its managed services contract with Ericsson.


As part of the expanded managed services contract, about
190 additional Netia Group employees will join Ericsson.


The four-year managed services contract includes
maintenance and management of networks, as well as supporting the provision of
services to Netia Group’s residential and business users.


The new contract will expand its geographical reach to
include the Telefonia Dialog and Crowley telecommunication networks acquired by
Netia Group in December 2011.


Valter D’Avino, vice president and head of Managed
Services, Ericsson, said this is the second time it prolonged this
managed-services partnership. It is a significant win for Ericsson as the deal
is expanding services to Netia Group’s entire user base, including the users
added through Netia’s recent acquisition of operators Telefonia Dialog and


Miroslaw Godlewski, president and CEO, Netia, said it
believes that this contract will deliver even more effective and integrated
handling and management of Netia Group’s networks and service delivery.


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