Rancore Technologies Wins JBoss Innovator of the Year and Innovation Award 2011 for SDP deployed by Red Hat

Red Hat has announced that Rancore Technologies won the Outstanding Open Source Architecture award in the fifth annual Red Hat and JBoss Innovation Awards.  The award program is designed to recognize the outstanding use, innovation and extension of Red Hat’s solutions by customers, partners and the open source community.


Red Hat and JBoss Innovation Awards finalists were recognized at the 2011 Summit and JBoss World in four separate categories; and a fifth category recognized a finalist that was deploying a combined solution from Red Hat’s platform and middleware portfolios.


From the finalists, Rancore Technologies was selected as the 2011 JBoss Innovator of the Year and Santos Limited was selected as the 2011 Red Hat Innovator of the Year via online voting and announced during the Red Hat Summit and JBoss World in Boston on May 6, 2011.


Rancore is a privately held company and a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited. Rancore set out to utilize open source technology to build a service delivery platform based on 4G standards.


The biggest challenge Rancore faced with its submitted project consisted of working on a state-of-art technology that at the time was very new. In February 2008, the 4G standards for mobile network technology, which has the power to transmit voice, video, text, and television data at the same time were still in a nascent stage of standardization. During this time, Rancore launched the Service Delivery Platform (SDP) project.


Rancore Technologies desired the final solution to have flexibility in terms of incorporating new requirements imposed by the ever-evolving 4G standards. Moreover, the solution required a rich, feature-complete GUI for easy operations and maintenance of the final product. By leveraging open source solutions from Red Hat and JBoss, Rancore Technologies was able to achieve the solution capabilities with a small dedicated team of engineers. The first company in India to utilize open source technology to build a state-of-the-art, fault-tolerant SDP based on 4G standards, Rancore selected JBoss Enterprise Application Platform deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux.  The implementation by Rancore Technologies illustrates how a low-cost, high-throughput, mission-critical, fault-tolerant system can be built with the use of open source technology.


By TelecomLead.com Team
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