Revenues from mobile application testing tools will cross $200 million this year

Telecom Lead America: Revenues from mobile application testing tools will cross $200 million in 2012.

ABI Research said about three-fourths of the current revenue base comes from tools that enhance manual testing. Over the coming years the market will be driven by test automation.

The growth from the automation segment will push the revenues close to $800 million by the end of 2017.

Complexity of the environment, which stems from the diversity of relevant devices, operating systems, and networks, will create testing mobile software more demanding than testing computer software

According to ABI Research, mobile testing has not evolved as an extension to the traditional software testing industry.

At the moment, there are two clear market leaders in Keynote’s DeviceAnywhere and Perfecto Mobile, but they are being increasingly challenged by disruptive entrants such as Experitest and Soasta. The client needs will change as the user interfaces and the features of apps change, so no vendor can rest on its laurels.

There will likely be far-reaching convergence between the mobile space and the wider testing market. In a few years’ time, the most sough-after testing vendors will be the ones that can address the client enterprises’ needs comprehensively, regardless of the form factor and the input method. That will lead to some level of industry consolidation.

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