Riverbed buys assets of Expand Networks

Telecom Lead Team:

Riverbed Technology, an IT company, has purchased certain assets of Expand
Networks, including its intellectual property, out of liquidation in Israel.


however, has not purchased the corporate entity of Expand Networks and has not
assumed any of Expand’s liabilities, obligations or contracts.


Riverbed plans
to make available for purchase new technical support offerings for Expand
products, and expects to work with former Expand customers to explore
promotional upgrade opportunities.


Riverbed delivers
performance for the globally connected enterprise. Riverbed helps enterprises
to successfully implement strategic initiatives such as virtualization,
consolidation, cloud computing, and disaster recovery without fear of
compromising performance.


By giving
enterprises the platform they need to understand, optimize and consolidate
their IT, Riverbed helps enterprises to build a fast, fluid and dynamic IT
architecture that aligns with the business needs of the organization.


Last month,
Riverbed Technology announced new features to its Riverbed Optimization System


The new system
is expected to broaden the company’s support for enterprise applications. With
RiOS 7.0, Riverbed will include native support for hypertext transfer protocol
(HTTP) video, User Datagram Protocol (UDP), and IPv6, and has extended its
existing optimizations for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).


in the same month, Marubeni America, an overseas subsidiary of Japanese
conglomerate Marubeni, had deployed Riverbed Steelhead appliances with the
Riverbed Services Platform (RSP) across its operations.


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