Ruckus Wireless powers Mandarin Oriental, New York to triple Wi-Fi user capacity

By Telecom
Lead Team:
Ruckus Wireless announced
that the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, New York has standardized on the Ruckus
Wi-Fi wall switch to address explosive demand for IP-based services
and wireless capacity.


The move to install Ruckus Wi-Fi wall switches in the
hotel was aimed at covering the capacity, coverage, and user density issues.
The move was also aimed to connect a number of IP-based devices such as
minibars, IPTV, VoIP phones, in-room environment control systems, as well
as Wi-Fi-based service optimization applications used by hotel staff.


The hotel’s previous implementation of Wi-Fi over our
in-house distributed antenna system (DAS), was originally installed to provide
better cellular coverage but as time passed and technologies changed, we found
that it couldn’t scale to accommodate the soaring Wi-Fi usage rates and
concurrent connections our guests needed,” said Oscar Gomez, director of
information technology at Mandarin Oriental, New York.


Since installing the Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi system, Mandarin
Oriental, has seen user capacity more than triple and wireless traffic eclipse
traffic on the wired network.


Along with the deployment of Ruckus ZoneFlex 7025 Wi-Fi
wall switch in all the guest rooms, Mandarin Oriental, also installed ZoneFlex
dual-band 802.11n access points in the meeting and conference areas to support
a higher density of concurrent users.


The ZoneFlex 7025 Wi-Fi wall switch
integrates 802.11n Wi-Fi technology with wired Ethernet ports in a
small-footprint (12.8cm by 8.5cm) wall jack, which allows hotel to leverage
their existing wired infrastructure to deliver an ever expanding set of
IP-based guest services over multiple virtual LANs (VLANs).


Additionally, the Ruckus
Wi-Fi wall switch can provide PoE power to a device such as an IP phone
and native connectivity to digital phones through a single
digital PBX pass through port.


Few months back, Ruckus Wireless launched the ZoneDirector 5000 (ZD5000), along with a
collection of advanced capabilities within a new version of its ZoneFlex
software (v9.2).


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