Sangoma releases version 4 of NetBorder SS7 media gateway

Sangoma Technologies announced the release of the latest
version of their NetBorder SS7 Media Gateway, formerly known as Sangoma Media
Gateway (SMG).

Improvements in this version include the addition of
Telco grade SS7 protocol stacks with multiple ISUP Variants, a single ISO-based
installation process, and a Web-based GUI for easier installation, configuration
and management of the system.

This release offers significant feature improvements over
all previous SS7 products from Sangoma. In past versions, the user was required
to install a variety of software packages and all configuration and changes
were made through a Command Line Interface.

The installation and configuration of the required
software components were often time consuming and required the user to wade
through a variety of documentation from different providers to find answers to
installation and configuration questions.

With this release, we have done all the work to create a
single installation procedure and documentation set so that the developer
doesn’t have to deal with the complexities of a multi-vendor installation. This
release includes Graphical User Interface, so the user simply installs one or
more of our Digital Span cards into their server and then runs the ISO install
package. Everything is taken care of in a single easy-to-follow installation
procedure,” said Frederic Dickey, director of product management at Sangoma.

The NetBorder SS7 Media Gateway allows for interconnects
with legacy Telcos and enables them to offer services such as SIP dial tone,
PBX hosting, Value Added Services such as Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT), and
overseas dialing.

The release of the CRBT solution by Telemune undeniably
puts Sangoma into the Mobile Value Added Services segment,” said Bill Wignall,
CEO and president of

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