Sify partners with Fortinet to roll out virtualized network security services

Fortinet announced that it has partnered with Sify
Technologies to enable the latter to immediately roll out an on-demand security
solution to their cloud computing customers and its Clean Connect service.

The services are designed to guarantee secure bandwidth and clean connectivity
to their enterprise customers. Fortinet’s end-to-end virtualization
functionality, available on the FortiGate integrated multi-threat security
platforms, enables Sify to provision security resources, on-demand, from a
shared appliance while providing an unmatched range of security services
quickly and easily to its customers.


Sify’s On-Demand Security solution offers cloud
computing customers the ability to deploy the security layer on an on-demand
basis, therefore providing complete end-to-end Opex-based services.  These
cover the areas of security, WAN edge, unified switching, computing and
storage. The solution allows customers to address data center requirements through
virtualization, and to integrate private and public cloud services into a
single infrastructure.


Sify’s Clean Connect services offer cloud-based
UTM functionalities for customers subscribing to its dedicated Internet access
services. Enterprise administrators can define a set of custom security
policies, including firewall and IPS policies, and Web filtering rules. 
An online portal reports security-related activities to customers in real-time
and historical logs and reports are also directly available. Such services help
organizations comply with security standards relative to the cloud.


Fortinet enables cloud-hosting and service providers to
create secure cloud infrastructures and deliver cloud security services.
Fortinet appliances and chassis-based multi-threat security platforms currently
secure a wide range of public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructures around
the world.


Cloud service providers rely on Fortinet technology to
protect the confidentiality and integrity of their subscribers’ data, and to
create and deliver highly available, innovative cloud security services.
FortiGate multi-threat security platforms incorporate the proprietary Virtual
Domain (VDOM) technology, providing secure virtualization of security services.


Sify has effectively utilized Fortinet solutions’
virtualization capabilities, allowing customization of security service
offerings down to the individual customer level, which is so essential for
multi-tenant environments,” said Vishak Raman, regional director, SAARC &
India, Fortinet. We will continue to work closely with Sify to deliver
best-in-class security services to enterprises and consumers.” 


We are delighted to receive this award, a clear
endorsement of our long-standing and mutually beneficial relationship with
Fortinet. We will work hard to replicate the successes we have had with
Fortinet’s various solutions to the Clean Connect services we are
launching today,” said Pranesh Babu, chief technology officer, Sify

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