Sigma Designs in pact with Avtrex and Syabas Middleware providers for STB solution

By Telecom Lead Team: Sigma Designs, a provider of
connected media platforms, has joined hands with Avtrex and Syabas Technologies
to add software and middleware technology to the Ultra Thin Set-Top Box.

The addition of these technologies is expected to speed
time to market for OEMs interested in packaging this unique design and selling
it on the marketplace. This reference design continues to add fuel to the
growing market for set-top-boxes by enabling the ability to stream HD content
from the Web.

“Cutting cost and, at the same time, improving the
customer experience, is the ‘holy grail’ for service providers,” said
Thinh Tran, chairman and CEO at Sigma Designs.

Sigma Designs’ Ultra-Thin Reference Platform doesn’t
require a power adaptor; it plugs directly into AC power outlets for easy
installation by consumers and uses Sigma’s award-winning HomePlug AV with
ClearPath for the most reliable networking over the home’s electrical wiring.

The built-in Z-Wave RF technology in the remote control
allows for non-line-of-sight positioning behind the TV or other furniture. With
a state-of-the-art media processor, this new platform decodes multiple HD IPTV
streams and connects to a HDTV through a simple HDMI connector.

“We are excited to deliver our middleware solution
for Sigma’s revolutionary Ultra-Thin solution. We believe this will give OEMs
and service providers the reliable partner they need to begin developing and
installing the solution,” said Steve Francis, CEO of Avtrex.

“Sigma Designs has developed something remarkable
with the Ultra-Thin Reference Design. We are pleased and excited to be a part
of bringing this product to market,” said T. L. Lim, president of Syabas.

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